Here to help you get house projects done!!!!!!

   How did we get here?........

   So there I was looking at another broken thing at my house that I lived in with my wife at the time and five kids, yes you heard that right five kids.  Besides being a zoo things were breaking all the time and I didn't have the knowledge or confidence to fix them.  Then I remembered a guy I worked with that was a former journeyman electrician tell me " this stuff isn't built to be fixed by a rocket scientist".      After I came out of my mind melting epiphany all the doubt washed away, I came up with an idea and went with it.  It worked for the time being.  11 years later after countless things that did and didn't work, people kept coming to me for help with things around their house so I decided to make a business out of it.... and here we are!!!!   You might say : so.....well I'm the guy that can clean up that honey do list, or take care of those nagging projects that you may have a lack of knowledge, time or like me a lack of confidence to tackle.  So let's go!!!! Tell us your project.

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